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Yes! At the moment we offer 3 cover options: cherry, maple and birch. The cherry and maple covers have a semi-matt finish, and the birch is unfinished, making it super-smooth and soft. Cherry Maple Birch   For comparison, here are all three cover options together. From left to right: cherry, maple and birch. Birch is […]

Inspired by our good friends and family — that lovely lot who make life great — we created Fondfolio because we believe there should be more opportunities to tell those people who brighten our days exactly why we think they are awesome, and get really specific about that “why”. Fondfolio allows you to tease-out and […]

Fondfolios were originally made using traditional handmade hardcovers of bookcloth and paper. Now use a wooden cover design because this material made more sense to us, conceptually — it’s warm, naturally patterned (meaning each one is unique), and it offers more opportunities for customization, we also just think it looks better! Check us out on […]

The contribution order defaults to chronological, rewarding those who didn’t need as many reminders ;). We can also order alphabetically by first name if you’d prefer, let us know as it’s not yet an option on our website. In the future we’re hoping to offer more flexible sorting options.

For most occasions, the best situation to give a Fondfolio will be at a party or gathering, where everyone can share in the moment of joy (and sneak a peek at what others contributed). We also have tips for particular occasions where a unique opportunity or a special sensitivity could be taken when presenting the gift.

The primary inspiration came from our good friend Christina Del Degan who, back in 2014, wanted to do something special for her SO’s 30th. She reached out to us with the initial idea to send out a few questions to all the important people in his life and do something with the results and, working together, we helped her to create what eventually became a book. The whole process from start to finish was such a joy, receiving and reading the contributions every day, seeing it all come together and witnessing everyone’s warm reaction to it when it was revealed at the party. Not to mention our own personal joy that we and others felt from expressing those words to our dear friend. That experience stuck with us, and we realized quite soon after that we wanted to turn this into something that anyone could create for anyone else.