Channel the power of kind words to create a meaningful gift

It feels good to receive a compliment. What if you could recreate that feeling for someone you love, multiply it by everyone they love, and pack all of that warm energy into a one-of-a-kind book?

That’s a Fondfolio—a bounty of thoughtful words for a mutual friend—words that may otherwise go unsaid.

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Each book is handmade and comes ready to gift in a reusable wrap

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Giving my sister a book this personal was a rewarding experience and turned out to be the most special present she received on her day - and beyond. It’s a memory she will always be able to hold in her hand and she has told me that she has read all the personal stories already so many times.

Kristina, Hamburg

How it works

Create and collect

Sign up and create a new Fondfolio. Share the unique questionnaire url with everyone who’s important to your loved one. You’ll be notified each time someone contributes and can edit as needed.

Make it personal

When you’re ready, add your customizations and place the order. You’ll get the digital version immediately and we’ll send you a proof of the pages to approve before we start printing.

Feel connected

Each book arrives ready-to-gift in a reusable wrap, so all you need to do is find the right moment. And, like a compliment spoken aloud, everyone involved will share in the joy — even if they can’t be there there to celebrate in person.

Create a Fondfolio

Hi, I’m Fiona and I make each Fondfolio by hand. I also fulfil orders, email customers and update the website. Basically, everything that’s involved in the day to day, as well as planning for the future. My partner, Matt, handles any major web development and is my sounding board for all important decisions.

Fondfolio isn’t a big corporation, nor does it aspire to be — few things get better with scale. Maybe one day I’ll have a modest team, but for now I’m okay with my impact being small — I really enjoy the process of making, and taking the time.

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Fondfolio is perfect for any time you want to give something that says
“I’m so grateful for your being”.

For life’s significant events or just ’cause

Milestone Birthday

Easing into a fresh decade calls for a big celebration, but it can also be a daunting prospect — it’s a time for reflection, as well as revelry — and we tend to be pretty hard on ourselves. There also aren’t enough opportunities to tell our favourite people exactly how much they mean to us, so chances are they don’t even know! A Fondfolio is a tangible reminder of our most important connections, the stuff that matters most, and a promise of more good times in the decades to come.


No matter the industry, it’s often people that make or break a job. Our favourite co-workers can brighten what otherwise might be tedious days. They are patient when we fail and offer support and advice when we feel like we said or did something stupid. When we retire or leave a place, the things we’ll miss the most are probably not things, they’re humans! What better gift then, than words of admiration, appreciation and memories from our beloved colleagues.


Traditional wedding books often fill up with clichés because guests are put on the spot with a pen and a blank page. When the party is over, the newlyweds are left to decipher a book of tipsy handwriting. With Fondfolio, people have the time and space to consider what the couple means to them, share memories and stories that may have been forgotten and provide useful relationship advice instead of just “happy wife, happy life!”.

Illness & Recovery

It’s an inevitable part of being alive, but when our bodies or our minds fail us it can be devastating. It’s often hard for loved ones to know how to provide comfort during these challenging moments, but an important part of any recovery process is a reliable support network. With a Fondfolio, friends and family can remind us of our resilience and how much we are loved at a time when we may be feeling defeated. These words can be reached for whenever a spirit-lifting is most in need.

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When my wife received the Fondfolio I created for her 50th birthday, tears (of joy) were the response. What a beautiful work of art. Truly beyond expectations. I am telling everyone I know about the product as it is an amazing and unique gift.

Rob, Vancouver

Fondfolios are customized for your friend, made to order, and produced by hand using a combination of modern technologies and traditional book binding techniques.

Coptic binding is used for maximum flexibility and durability — allowing the book to lay flat. No glue, just high quality paper and thread — made to last a lifetime.

Our wooden covers are sanded smooth and comprised of a fiberboard core with real wood laminate. Choose between Cherry, Maple or Walnut — all with a semi-matte finish.


I create a unique cover design for each book — no repeats! This, combined with the natural pattern of the woodgrain (and of course all the lovely words inside) means that no two books are ever alike, and they’re all beautiful!

Each contribution is printed on creamy 100% recycled speckletone paper. I carefully proof and typeset each spread to ensure the best reading experience.

After you place your order, I’ll follow up with a pdf of the pages so that you can have a final check before I start printing.

See a sample contribution

Sewn with durable waxed Irish linen thread, the exposed spine allows for an infinite number of contributions, and serves as a visual reminder of the real human connections expressed within. I’ll select a thread colour that best compliments your cover.

Collect as many contributions as you can — the more the merrier, at no extra cost.

Contribution limits

The inside back cover of each Fondfolio is engraved with befitting words from a socially conscious visionary — I’ll select something appropriate from one of my favorites.

My process

I giftwrap each book in a locally sourced vintage scarf using the Japanese “Furoshiki” technique — another unique touch that also helps reduce our impact on the environment.


After the order is complete you’ll immediately receive a digital version of the Fondfolio which can be shared with everyone who contributed — great for those who can’t be there to celebrate in person.

I’ll print a scannable code in the back of each book so the recipient can bring their words with them wherever they go.

See a sample digital version

Read more verified reviews on ThingTesting

The best, most pandemic-proof gift I could have selected to honour my husband's virtual graduation. Without leaving the house, 50 people were able to join in honouring him through this gorgeous book which he will have for a lifetime.

Carla, Vancouver

Digital Only

Portable delight — all the contributions in a personalized Fondfolio website — easily share with everyone who contributed. An elegant alternative to eCards — great for remote teams. Add a printable pdf for just $15.

$10 - $25

Digital + Hardcover

Everything you get with digital, plus a beautiful handmade hardcover version — each contribution occupying a spread. One-of-a-kind cover design. Free Furoshiki giftwrapping. A physical manifestation of love.


Digital + Custom

We offer some upgrades to help make your gift extra special: Solid hardwood covers, a custom slipcase (a cosy made-to-measure home for the book) and custom cover engravings (inspired by the recipient).


Don’t pay until you’ve collected all your words and you’re ready to order. All prices are in US Dollars (USD).
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