Can people upload photos or videos to their contribution?

Contrary to that popular saying, it’s our belief that words are more timeless, and ultimately more meaningful than a thousand pictures. Besides there are so many great ways to share images with your friends and family these days. Sincere and thoughtful words however, are a much rarer asset to cultivate.

Think about the last time you received some meaningful words. Occasionally you might get a nice birthday card, email, (letter!?) from a friend who has actually taken time to draft some words from their heart, but so often our written communication is digital, hurried, and rather ephemeral. We just don’t get many opportunities in our daily interactions to communicate these feelings without it being “weird”.

Often it’s not until someone has passed away that these words are ever expressed, in the form of a eulogy and we think that’s such a shame when they could have brought so much joy to that person when they were alive.

Our goals are to provide the opportunity to express and gather affection for someone special in a beautiful physical form, and give everyone who participates a happy buzz. We just don’t think images will have that same effect.

Writing is a bit more laborious than uploading photos, but in our experience anything worth doing usually takes a bit more time.

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