Would it be possible to customize the pattern on the front? Or could I engrave a little something onto the back cover?

Yes! You can absolutely customize the cover, with a few caveats.

Each of our covers are unique by default (we never repeat a design), but often our creative customers want to have more input in the process.

That’s why we created 3 custom engraving options you can add to your Fondfolio order at checkout. Currently these range from engraving a small image, like a company logo (max 2"), engraving a larger image — for example, your own cover design — (max 4"), or commissioning a completely custom cover design from us.

One thing to keep in mind is the impact these additional items have on the production timeline. Though unique, our standard covers are pre-printed so any tweaks to them do actually mean more work. Often it also involves another trip to our studio to use the laser equipment which we currently share with other makers. For example, engraving a logo will add about a day because we need to prep the file for engraving and add it to the cover. Typical turnaround time to make each book is 2 weeks (1 week is just for shipping) and the more you add the more flexible your timeline should be ;)

For more details about each of these engraving options, navigate to the Order screen in your Fondfolio dashboard.

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