What are the questions?

Each set of questions will differ slightly based on the event that you select, but here are a few of our favourites (the italicized text will be replaced with the name of your loved one):

  • Explain how you came to meet Chris
  • Describe a quality or virtue of Chris’s that you admire
  • If you were responsible for writing a 7-word biography for Chris, what would it say?
  • Describe a fond memory you recall having shared with Chris
  • Describe something you learned from your life so far that you think would be helpful for Chris to consider
  • Imagine Chris became an inanimate object. What would they be, and why?
  • What advice can you offer Chris for the future?

Each question comes with a carefully worded prompt to help unstick and inspire.

You can edit or remove the questions and prompts in the Details tab of your Fondfolio dashboard.

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