What occasions are Fondfolios great for?

Fondfolios can be gifted for special occasions or for no reason at all. Thoughtful words from our favourite humans are always appreciated. That said, there are some moments of particular significance when capturing the thoughts, feelings, and memories of close family and friends might be especially important — for collective celebrating, healing, or greiving.

Unfortunately it’s been harder to gather in person this year. Fondfolio is a safe way to bring people together and still mark the moment by creating something special — a tangible reminder of our most important connections, the stuff that matters most.

The digital version (a personal website containing all the contributions) also means that you can share the moment with everyone who contributed, no matter where they live.


For all their hard work, good spirits, and loyalty, a Fondfolio from their co-workers will remind them just how much their presence will be missed. For most people, the people are the main factor in whether we like a job or not. What better gift then, than sincere words and stories from everyone who has been impacted by their efforts over the years?


What better gift to give a couple on their wedding day than the memories and wisdom from everyone near and dear, including those unable to attend. If the Fondfolio is being created for a Wedding, you may want to consider stepping outside protocol, and presenting it to the couple so that they can read it at the reception – when a lot of the contributors will be present and can see it for themselves.

Consider giving it to the MC at the reception so they can share some of the anecdotes in between speeches.

Milestone Birthday

A lasting record of an individual life through thoughtful anecdotes and memories of their friends and family. Gift a reminder of good times had and those still to come.

Memorials or Funerals

Honor the memory of a loved one by effortlessly collecting words and memories from everyone who knew them. Our questions are carefully tailored to generate thoughtful responses and sparkmemories. The responses are more consistent than traditional books because everyone is presented with the same 5 questions that they can answer online. Also, anyone unable to attend the funeral can still contribute to the guest book.

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