Will you be reading all the responses to the questions? How do you deal with privacy?

Your privacy is very important to us and we have gone to great lengths to ensure that your account and the content of your Fondfolios is secure. We will never publish or use the content of your Fondfolios for anything other than what it was originally intended for: the person you gave it to. For more information on this topic, please review our privacy policy.

Our goal is a quality final product and therefore our process includes a rigorous proofing stage. We will check for spelling and grammatical errors, and will do a general read-through to catch any logical errors, but will not be editing the content other than to fix those types of errors. The Fondfolio’s creator will be responsible for making moral judgement calls on the appropriateness of the content – we trust that they will know the recipient well enough to determine whether to leave in the toilet humour or remove the story about Granny flashing the mailman. Who are we to judge? There shouldn’t be anything in your responses that you don’t want other people to read, expect that this gift will get passed around.

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