How long will it take to make my Fondfolio book, once I place the order?

Short answer: ~2 weeks. Typically it takes about 2-4 days to make your Fondfolio and ~6-8 for shipping.

Here’s a rundown of our process in more detail:

  1. You place your order
  2. We create the pdf proof of the pages and email it to you to approve, usually within 48 hrs.
  3. You review the proof and request any final edits (the sooner you get back to us, the sooner we can get started!)
  4. We make any changes, then print and prep the pages for binding.
  5. We create and engrave the cover design or, if you’ve ordered a custom engraving, we’ll reach out directly to confirm the details.
  6. Once the pages have have been assembled into signatures we like to keep them weighted for 24hrs to compress the spine.
  7. Finally, we bind the book. This usually takes 1-2 hrs.
  8. If you ordered a custom slipcase, this is when we take the measurements of the finished book and create the slipcase.
  9. We wrap and pack the book for shipping.
  10. Usually it takes ~6 business days for shipping.

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