This sounds like more work than the average gift... is it worth the effort?

We really believe it is. Think about the most important things in your life – they’re probably not things they’re people. Important research shows that it’s our relationships that keep us healthy and happy as we go through life. And it’s good relationships, especially later in life, that help us withstand some of life’s toughest challenges. Social connections are really good for us, and loneliness kills.

Dr. Vaillant, who headed the Grant Study for over 42 years has since said in an interview for the Atlantic, when asked what he has learned from all his research:

“The only things that really matter in life are your relationships to other people.”

Later in the same piece, when asked again for the key takeaway from the study, Vaillant summed it up this way:

“Happiness is love. Full stop.”

If you need more convincing watch this short TED talk by current Grant Study Director Robert Waldinger.

At Fondfolio we understand that it’s people and good relationships that matter most and that there just aren’t enough opportunities to tell those important people how much they mean to us. We also know that finding a good gift for them can be really daunting, especially if the occasion is significant — like a milestone birthday, retirement or anniversary. By giving a Fondfolio to someone you love, you’re investing in an important relationship while also marking the moment with something memorable and lasting.

And, like a compliment spoken aloud, everyone involved gets a share of the joy — there aren’t too many gifts out there like that.

Each book is completely unique, like the person you’re giving it to — the grain of the wood, the design we create for the cover (inspired by the contributions), the flecked pattern of the speckletone paper, the vintage scarf we wrap each one in, all result in a truly one-of-a-kind gift — only the best for your favourite people.

These books are made to last a lifetime and we source our materials carefully — the paper is archival quality, the waxed Irish linen thread is super durable, the wood is sanded smooth and has a semi-matte varnish. We also chose the Coptic binding method in part for its durability — some of the oldest known books are bound this way. No glue, just really high quality materials. This means your gift will be with your loved one for life — not in a burdensome way — in a way that nourishes and uplifts them whenever they flip through it. A Fondfolio is a tangible reminder of our most important connections, the stuff that matters most.

Creating a Fondfolio does require a little bit of organization (figuring out who to send the questionnaire to and how to contact them) and a bit of coordination (following up with contributors), but it’s no more effort than planning any other event and in many ways it’s easier because everything can be done online.

Your generosity and thoughtfulness will never go unnoticed.

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