Me behind a desk in between two plants holding two Fondfolio books, one maple and one walnut. Hi! I’m Fiona and I make your Fondfolios.

When my friend Tyler turned 30, I helped his partner collect words from his friends and family and together we made a book. I expected it would be fun, but didn’t anticipate the delight it created, not just for Tyler, but for everyone involved. This joyful experience was the inspiration for Fondfolio.

I believe that it’s our good relationships that matter most in life and that there aren’t enough opportunities to tell our favourite people how much they mean to us. I also know that finding a good gift for them can be super daunting, especially if the occasion is significant — like a milestone birthday, retirement or anniversary. Tragically, it’s often not until someone is being eulogized that all those stories and fond memories come to light — too late to be enjoyed.

My mission is to facilitate meaningful gift giving for special moments and relationships. I want to help you give something memorable, something that your friend or loved one will want to keep forever. I hope it will become a keepsake that’s passed down through the family.

The side benefit of more thoughtful, personalized gift giving is a reduction in unwanted gifts.

It’s my hope that Fondfolio will have a positive impact on both our relationships and our planet — I think a gift should be a delight, not a burden.

— Fiona McDougall Co-founder, Designer
— Matt Seccafien Co-founder, Developer

Did you know I also re-purpose the wood offcuts from Fondfolio to make puzzles for cats?

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