Hi! We’re Matt and Fiona and one of these days we’ll get a good photo of ourselves up here.

In March of 2014 our good friend Tyler was turning 30 — the first of our friends to hit this milestone. His wife Christina, also a good friend, reached out to us to see if we could help her collect and assemble words from his closest friends and family into some sort of gift. She was planning a party and had a lot of other things to think about, so we were happy to help. Christina is a thoughtful wordsmith and already had some great questions in mind (most of those same questions appear in Fondfolios today). So we set up an online survey and she sent it out to everyone she thought Tyler would like to hear from.

We thought this would be a fun thing to do for our friend, but weren’t anticipating the immense joy we’d feel every time another contribution was submitted. Reading through the daily submissions we felt waves of positive emotions, some even triggered happy tears, and we didn't even know most of these people very well!

After all the contributions were in we created what would be the first of many book layout templates and assembled the questionnaire submissions into a printable format.

At the party Matt and I looked on with delight as the book was presented to Tyler — he was so surprised and delighted. Our hearts were full and it was clear that everyone else in that room was feeling their share of the joy. Like that feeling you get when you pay someone a sincere compliment, but many times over.

This delightful experience was the inspiration for Fondfolio.

After years of thinking about it, and several iterations, Fondfolio was designed and built in just over 30 days by the two of us seated predominantly at the table of 1 small cafe in Thailand. At the moment, it’s still just the two of us, but we’re back in Toronto now.

At Fondfolio we understand that it’s people and good relationships that matter most and that there just aren’t enough opportunities to tell those important people how much they mean to us. We also know that finding a good gift for them can be really daunting, especially if the occasion is significant — like a milestone birthday, retirement or anniversary.

We’re encouraged by the response we’ve had so far and we’re constantly iterating on this idea as we get more feedback from our customers, stay tuned! :)

Fiona McDougall Co-founder, Designer

Matt Seccafien Co-founder, Developer

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