A zero waste approach to production

At Fondfolio we don’t think our products should exist at the expense of the environment. We’re committed to sustainable production and packaging.

Below are some of the things we’re doing to reduce our climate impact and some plans for the future.

Our products are made to last and we source all our materials carefully.

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Harvest in a way that minimizes harm. Use it respectfully. Never waste what you have taken. Share. Give thanks for what you have been given. Give a gift, in reciprocity for what you have taken. Sustain the ones who sustain you and the earth will last forever.

Robin Wall Kimmerer, Braiding Sweetgrass

We giftwrap each book in a locally sourced vintage scarf using the Japanese Furoshiki technique — a unique touch that also helps reduce our impact on the environment. Reuse it to wrap another gift, or wear it!

We use paper gift tags and attach them with natural hemp cord.

The fabric-wrapped books are enveloped in a single sheet of tissue paper, which can be composted.

Our wooden covers are comprised of a formaldehyde free fiber board core with real wood laminated on either side.

Our mailer boxes are acid-free and made of 100% recycled content (and can themselves be recycled). We recently switched to gummed paper tape to seal the mailer boxes and use paper labels and paper document sleeves for shipping information.

This means — if you peel off the round vinyl stickers — the whole box can be recycled.

Our books are printed on creamy 100% recycled speckletone paper made using Hydroelectric power.

We’re always looking for creative ways to re-purpose our lovely wood offcuts. Like puzzles for cats!

Learn more at pawzzles.cat

We also cut tags from smaller offcuts and use leftover sections of binding thread to secure them to our fabric wraps.

How can we do better?

We plan to switch to paper (instead of vinyl) stickers for securing the tissue paper and decorating the boxes, ideally finding a local supplier.

We’d also like to give back to effective environmental organizations and are working towards taking the Giving What We Can Pledge and donating 10% of our profits.

We’re always looking for more opportunities reduce our impact.

These may not be the easiest or cheapest options, but we think it’s the least we can do. Let us know if you think there’s anything else we could be thinking about.

Check out slashpackaging.org for a list of other companies who care about their packaging impact.

Read more verified reviews on ThingTesting

When we must pay the true price for the depletion of nature’s gifts, materials will become more precious to us, and economic logic will reinforce, and not contradict, our heart’s desire to treat the world with reverence and, when we receive nature’s gifts, to use them well.

Charles Eisenstein, Sacred Economics

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