Send a friend off on a new adventure with a gift that connects

Fondfolio helps you create a memory book to give a friend when they move away by collecting thoughtful words and stories from everyone they’ll miss.

Handmade to order, designed to last.

Create a Moving Fondfolio

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Each book is handmade and comes ready to gift in a reusable wrap

How it works

Create and collect

Sign up and create a new Moving Fondfolio. Share the unique questionnaire url with friends and family of the recipient. You’ll be notified each time someone contributes and can edit as needed.

Make it personal

When you’re ready, add your customizations and place the order. You’ll get the digital version immediately and we’ll send you a pdf proof of the pages to approve before we start printing.

Enjoy togetherness

Each book arrives ready-to-gift in a reusable wrap, so all you need to do is find the right moment. And, like a compliment spoken aloud, everyone involved will share in the joy — even if they can’t be there to celebrate in person.

Create a Moving Fondfolio

Fondfolio is perfect for any time you want to give something that says I’m really going to miss you!

Remind them how important their friendship is with a thoughtful leaving gift

Include everyone everywhere

Share the questionnaire url with everyone you think your loved one would like to hear from including friends, family, neighbors and co-workers. The digital version allows you to share the contents with everyone online. That way, no one is excluded from participating in the moment, even if they can’t be there to celebrate in person.

Make contributing convenient

People can contribute whenever they want, and from any device. Even the most tech-averse will find it simple. Each question has tips to spark ideas and we’ve created a helpful writing guide for those who get stuck. Even after they’ve submitted, people can continue to edit or add to their contributions until the order has been placed.

Generate meaningful words

Our questions are carefully tailored to generate thoughtful responses and spark memories. There aren’t enough opportunities day-to-day to tell our favorite people how much they mean to us, so these words often go unsaid. In a group card there’s only so much room so the sentiments tend to default to clichés, but with Fondfolio, everyone has the space, time and privacy to consider what this person means to them and write about those specific details. Each contribution will be printed, so deciphering handwriting will never be an issue.

Manage simply

You’ll receive a notification each time someone contributes and can view a list of all contributors from your dashboard. Each contributor can edit their own words and you can edit them all, just in case you need to fix spelling mistakes. Also, you’ll never run out of space — each book can hold up to 250 contributions, and we can do multiple volumes.

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The book was amazing and very impressive! It brought him to tears when he opened it. Thank you for all of your care in the preparation of his gift. It’s so special.

Erin, Fairway

On instagram @fondfolio

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I want you to know how very deeply this has touched me. Your creative spirit, shared with me through my family’s gift, has manifested in a truly 21st century way. May you continue to know the satisfaction of touching many lives with your work.

Donna, Toronto

Fondfolios are customized for your friend, made to order, and produced by hand using a combination of modern technologies and traditional book binding techniques.

Coptic binding is used for maximum flexibility and durability — allowing the book to lay flat. No glue, just high quality paper and thread — made to last a lifetime.

Our wooden covers are sanded smooth and comprised of a fiberboard core with real wood laminate. Choose between Cherry, Maple or Walnut — all with a semi-matte finish.

Our materials

We create a unique cover design for each book — no repeats! This, combined with the natural pattern of the woodgrain means that no two covers are ever alike, and they’re all beautiful!

Each contribution is printed on creamy 100% recycled speckletone paper. We carefully proof and typeset each spread to ensure the best reading experience.

After you place your order, we’ll follow up with a pdf of the pages so that you can have a final look before we start printing.

See a sample contribution

Sewn with durable waxed Irish linen thread, the exposed spine allows for an infinite number of contributions, and serves as a visual reminder of the real human connections expressed within. We’ll select a thread colour that best compliments your cover.

Collect as many contributions as you can — the more the merrier, at no extra cost.

Contribution limits

The inside back cover of each Fondfolio is engraved with befitting words from a socially conscious visionary — we’ll select from one of our favourites.

Our process

We giftwrap each book in a locally sourced vintage scarf using the Japanese “Furoshiki” technique — another unique touch that also helps reduce our impact on the environment.

Our packaging

After the order is complete you’ll immediately receive a digital version of the Fondfolio which can be shared with everyone who contributed — great for those who can’t be there to celebrate in person.

We’ll print a scannable code in the back of each book so the recipient can bring their words with them wherever they go.

See a sample digital version

Read more verified reviews on ThingTesting

Honestly, I think this was the best gift I’ve ever received. Knowing how much time it took for my wife to organize and reading all of the special messages from so many new and old friends, brought smiles, laughs and tears! I will cherish this for the rest of my life.

Zev, Toronto

Digital Only

Portable words of wisdom — all the contributions in a personalized Fondfolio website — easily share with everyone who contributed. An elegant alternative to cheesy group greeting cards.

$10 - $25

Digital + Hardcover

Everything you get with digital, plus a beautiful handmade hardcover version — each contribution occupying a spread. One-of-a-kind cover design. Free Furoshiki giftwrapping. A physical manifestation of love.


Digital + Custom

We offer some upgrades to help make your gift extra special: Solid hardwood covers, a custom slipcase (a cosy made-to-measure home for the book) and custom cover engravings (inspired by the recipient).


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