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I respect my customers and Fondfolio’s pricing now reflects that

written by fiona

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published on January 29, 2023

I just updated Fondfolio’s prices. The price of a hardcover memory book is now $200 instead of $199. Previously I’d been following the standard advice when it comes to pricing and employing those 9s in what is still a very common psychologically manipulative sales tactic ($199 looks more appealing than $200). But I knew this was kind of shitty. My customers are more than simple vessels of emotion and impulses. It just took reading an article from Ungated Media on subverting shitty norms and listening to the creator, Rob Hardy, talk about his take on this that I felt I had the permission to trust my gut and round up.

I don’t need to manipulate people into purchasing this product. These tactics — like the vast majority of marketing antics — are rooted in fear and insecurity and not trusting people. That’s not the kind of world I want to live in, it doesn’t align with my or Fondfolio’s values, so why would I replicate this practice?

I’ve always been sales-averse and the non-coercive approach really appeals to me. I plan on digging into this more in the coming months. For more on this alternative promotional philosophy, read Rob Hardy’s primer on non-coercive marketing.

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written by fiona

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