Enticing Percussion

Noticing the moral beauty of other people

written by fiona

The face of a tabby cat with green eyes and a pink nose. Similar to the stray I saw gallop towards a man who was going to feed her.

published on January 27, 2023

Yesterday, while retracing my steps back from the beach, I pass an older man walking in the opposite direction shaking a small round container. Hands down by his side, he paces slowly, lingering. I turn back to look at him as he turns and starts walking back, all the while generating a gentle rattle. Cat lady senses tingling, I wonder if the rattle is food for a feline. Sure enough, steps later, a bulky tabby appears on the path in front of me. I smile and turn to watch as her trot becomes a gallop towards the man and his enticing percussion.

There are many strays here, but also a lot of signs that people are looking out for them.

Photo of a very similar looking cat by Kido Dong on Unsplash

written by fiona

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