Hi! Could I trouble you for a cuddle?

Paying attention to what we need to feel good and gently asking for it.

written by fiona

My grey tabby cat minou on my lap.

published on May 9, 2022

These 2 photos below appear to be captured at the same moment, but they are, in fact, two hours apart. One of the many charming behaviours of our beloved cat Minou is that he will, every couple of hours, check-in for a wee cuddle.

Minou on my lap for a cuddle session6:30pm

After a few hours of peaceful snoozing — often directly by my side on his own perch — he will get up, stretch, make a few chirps (perhaps announcing his intentions) and then attempt to insert himself onto my lap. It’s not always at a convenient moment for me, but he’s so sweet about it, it’s impossible to be upset with him. After all, he just wants to be closer! 😽

Minou back again 2 hours later on my lap for another quick snuggle8:30pm

Usually he’s content to move back to his own spot after 10 - 20 minutes, but there have been times when my legs or feet have gone numb holding a position, prioritizing his comfort over my own.

In a way I really admire him for this behaviour, knowing what he needs to feel good in that moment and politely but firmly asking for it from someone else. Being vulnerable, requesting affection, risking rejection. There’s a lot I could learn from him. Asking for it doesn’t make the cuddle any less pleasurable.

There’s also delight for the one being asked, if they’re open to it. Feeling needed and being able to give that small pleasure right away with so little effort — a gentle power.

written by fiona

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