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Yes! At the moment we offer 3 cover options: cherry, maple and birch. The cherry and maple covers have a semi-matt finish, and the birch is unfinished, making it super-smooth and soft. Cherry Maple Birch   For comparison, here are all three cover options together. From left to right: cherry, maple and birch. Birch is […]

Fondfolios were originally made using traditional handmade hardcovers of bookcloth and paper. Now use a wooden cover design because this material made more sense to us, conceptually — it’s warm, naturally patterned (meaning each one is unique), and it offers more opportunities for customization, we also just think it looks better! Check us out on […]

Each Fondfolio is made to order by hand. This ensures each one is given the highest level of attention, plus we just like making things with our hands. Once we receive your order we’ll begin laying out the pages with InDesign and transferring each contribution to it’s own spread. The content is printed on French’s […]