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Yes! At the moment we offer 3 cover options: cherry, maple and birch. The cherry and maple covers have a semi-matt finish, and the birch is unfinished, making it super-smooth and soft. Cherry Maple Birch   For comparison, here are all three cover options together. From left to right: cherry, maple and birch. Birch is […]

The contribution order defaults to chronological, rewarding those who didn’t need as many reminders ;). We can also order alphabetically by first name if you’d prefer, let us know as it’s not yet an option on our website. In the future we’re hoping to offer more flexible sorting options.

Not at the moment, but it’s a feature we’re considering for the future. Our typography has evolved over several iterations, so what you see in photos may not represent the current stack. At the moment we’re using Aperçu for the questions and Suisse Works book and bold weights for the answers and names, respectively. We’re always open […]