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The contribution order defaults to chronological, rewarding those who didn’t need as many reminders ;). We can also order alphabetically by first name if you’d prefer, let us know as it’s not yet an option on our website. In the future we’re hoping to offer more flexible sorting options.

Set a reminder We’re all busy and we all forget, but it would be a shame to miss out on this opportunity, so don’t leave it to chance and set a reminder (or two) for a few days before the contribution deadline. Get in the zone It’s often hard to just launch into something like […]

Sometimes, we all need a little motivation to get things done. Here are some tips we’ve found helpful when reaching out to people and encouraging them to contribute. Be concise, friendly and instructive when reaching out to people (the less explaining the better). Lead with the most important bit — the URL and call to […]

1800 characters might seem like an arbitrary number, but it helps us ensure that we’re creating a consistent product and puts all the contributors on an even playing field – with those that have a tendency to ramble and those that might not have as much to say each getting one spread in the book. […]