Each set of questions will differ slightly based on the event that you select, but here are a few of our favourites (the italicized text will be replaced with the name of your loved one):

  • Explain how you came to meet John?
  • Describe a quality or virtue of John’s that you admire?
  • If you were responsible for penning a 7-word biography for John, what would it say?
  • Describe a fond memory you recall having shared with John?
  • Describe something you learned from your life so far that you think would be helpful for John to consider?
  • Imagine John became an inanimate object. What would it be, and why?
  • What advice can you offer John for the future?

At the moment you can’t edit the questions. This is something we’re working on, but we’re confident that these specific battle-tested questions are the best way to ensure the quality of the responses. That said, we’re always interested in what questions you’d like to ask, and have been known to make an exception if we think the question will maintain high quality responses — —send us a message!
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