We really believe it is. Think about the most important things in your life – they’re probably not things they’re people. Important research shows that it’s our relationships that keep us healthy and happy as we go through life. And it’s good relationships, especially later in life, that help us withstand some of life’s toughest challenges. Social connections are really good for us, and loneliness kills.

Dr. Vaillant, who headed the Grant Study for over 42 years has since said in a recent interview for the Atlantic, when asked what he has learned from all his research:

The only things that really matter in life are your relationships to other people.

Later in the same piece, when asked again for the key takeaway from the study, Vaillant summed it up this way:

Happiness is love. Full stop.

At Fondfolio we understand that we don’t have enough opportunities to express real gratitude towards the important people in our lives and that the best way to do this is simply and with your own words. That’s why we created Fondfolio – it’s a vessel for the love and affection of  many people directed towards a someone special.

Everyone who contributes will also get a boost of good feels just for having contributed. Like when you give a stranger a compliment, but ten-fold.

If you need more convincing watch this short TED talk by current Grant Study Director Robert Waldinger.

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