French Paper’s recycled speckletone, with delightful flecks and shives, is made from 100% Hydroelectric power. We think French’s is a great company, but being in Toronto we’d prefer to use a Canadian supplier. Thing is, we haven’t yet found someone who is producing a product like this and is able to ship smaller quantities. If you have any leads, let us know!

The covers are lined with handprinted Japanese Chiyogami paper that we source from a local supplier. Every sheet is meticulously produced by hand. The individual layers of colour are silkscreened on one by one requiring careful registration of screens. The base paper is a combination of kozo and sulphite and the pigments used are fade resistant resulting in a strong yet soft paper learn more about how it’s made. We will coordinate the pattern to match the cover colour that you select. Due to these being available in limited quantities we will use what we have on hand, it’ll be a nice surprise!


The pearl linen cloth we use is bright and durable.


We bind our books with super-tough waxed Irish linen thread.


Combining our love of vintage shopping with our concern for the environment – we wrap each of our Fondfolios in a locally-sourced scarf using a Japanese wrapping technique called “Furoshiki”. This means the wrap can be reused – either as a wrap for another gift or as a scarf!

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