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Each Fondfolio is made to order by hand. This ensures each one is given the highest level of attention, plus we just like making things with our hands. Once we receive your order we’ll begin laying out the pages with InDesign and transferring each contribution to it’s own spread. The content is printed on French’s […]

We’ve gone to great lengths to craft and test each question in order to get the best responses, including the hints for each question. The combination of questions for each Fondfolio is a careful mix of seriousness and levity that we’ve found to work well. It’s likely that this aspect of the product will evolve over time […]

Gift cards, flowers, perfume, chocolates (heck even a good pair of socks) are all fine gifts! But it is our belief that when it’s a special time for someone you care a lot about extra thought should be put into what you give, and that if you really want to show this person how much they mean to you, a truly meaningful gift from you (and everyone they care about) expressing these feelings in sincere, heartfelt words is the best way to do so.