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At Fondfolio we understand that we don’t have enough opportunities to express real gratitude towards the important people in our lives and that the best way to do this is simply and with your own words. That’s why we created Fondfolio – it’s a vessel for the love and affection of  many people directed towards a someone special.

Everyone who contributes will also get a boost of good feels just for having contributed. Like when you give a stranger a compliment, but ten-fold.

Each hardcover Fondfolio costs $240 (USD), this includes a personalized website of the content which you can share with everyone who contributed. If you just want the website version, you can do so for $80. We also offer the possibility to create something completely custom!

If you are in the US or Canada and it’s been over 10 business days since you placed your order, or if you are overseas and it’s been over 20 business days since you placed your order, please let us know by emailing us with your name and order number. Thanks for your patience! A note for international customers: Occasionally overseas shipments will take a longer time due to the delivery country’s customs. Each customs office is different and Fondfolio is not responsible for any fees or tariffs.

If you email us about this as soon as you place your order we will see what we can do. If your order has already shipped it cannot be expedited.

Depending on your location it could take up to 5 business days to deliver your Fondfolio. When we ship your Fondfolio you will receive an email confirmation and a tracking code. We ship from Toronto, Canada and use Canada Post’s Xpresspost Service. If you are within Canada you can expect to receive it within 2-3 […]

Not at the moment, but it’s a feature we’re considering for the future. Our typography has evolved over several iterations, so what you see in photos may not represent the current stack. At the moment we’re using Aperçu for the questions and Suisse Works book and bold weights for the answers and names, respectively. We’re always open […]