Each Fondfolio is made to order by hand. This ensures that every one is given the highest level of attention to match the love that fills it’s pages.

The content is printed on French’s creamy 100% recycled speckletone paper (produced with hydro electric power) and sewn using super tough waxed Irish linen thread. The folios are housed between durable hardcovers wrapped in pearl linen cloth, which come in a variety of bright colours. Each cover is embelished with a striking gold foil stamp and finished inside with beautiful hand-printed patterned Chiyogami paper. The unique exposed spine allows for an infinite number of contributions and serves as a visual reminder of the human connections inside.

We giftwrap each of our Fondfolios in a locally-sourced vintage scarf, using a Japanese technique called “Furoshiki” – adding to the uniquness and helping the environment.

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