Each Fondfolio is made to order by hand. This ensures each one is given the highest level of attention, plus we just like making things with our hands.

Once we receive your order we’ll begin laying out the pages with InDesign and transferring each contribution to it’s own spread. The content is printed on French’s creamy 100% recycled speckletone paper. We trim the pages by hand, this offers us a final opportunity to proof-read, plus we love the sound of a guillotine! Using the wood you selected, the covers are laser cut and customized with the name of your loved one.

The trimmed pages are carefully placed between the freshly cut covers, then we use our drill press to create the holes for binding.

Binding is probably our favourite bit! We use the highest quality Irish waxed-linen thread to bring everything together in a modified Japanese stab binding technique. The unique exposed spine allows for an infinite number of contributions and serves as a visual reminder of the human connections inside.

Each of our Fondfolios are giftwrapped in a locally-sourced vintage scarf, using a Japanese technique called “Furoshiki”. Reuse the wrap for another gift, or wear it!

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