For most occasions, the best situation to give a Fondfolio will be at a party or gathering, where everyone can share in the moment of joy (and sneak a peek at what others contributed). We also have tips for particular occasions where a unique opportunity or a special sensitivity could or should be taken when presenting the gift.



If the recipients are the next of kin, you should reach out to them first and mention you have something you’d like to give them that has some special significance to their loved one. We all experience grief differently and it’s possible they might not be ready to see anyone or process these kinds of messages right away. Be gentle.



If the Fondfolio is being created for a Wedding, you may want to consider stepping outside protocol, and presenting it to the couple so that they can read it at the reception – when a lot of the contributors will be present and can see it for themselves.

Perhaps consider giving it to the MC at the reception so they can share some of the anecdotes in between speeches.



The baby shower would be the perfect time to present this to the expectant parents.

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