Inspired by our good friends and family—that lovely lot who make life great—we created Fondfolio because we believe there should be more opportunities to tell those people who brighten your day exactly how and why specifically you think they are awesome. Fondfolio allows you to collect words from your loved one’s inner-circle, resulting in a beautiful handmade hardcover book and personal website.

The Team

After 4+ years of thinking about it, and several iterations, Fondfolio was designed and built in just over 30 days by 2 hardworking Canadians seated predominantly at the table of 1 small cafe in Thailand.

Fiona McDougall
Cofounder, Designer

Matt Seccafien
Cofounder, Developer

A Brief History

The Spark: March 2014

Friend Tyler’s 30th
His SO Chris reached out to us with the initial idea to send out a few questions to all the important people in his life and help her do something significant with the results
Put together a Survey Monkey form with the 5 questions that Chris and I had come up with, she notified all of Tyler’s nearest and dearest
Whole process from start to finish was such a joy: from receiving and reading contributions every day, seeing it all come together and witnessing everyone’s warm reaction to it when it was revealed at the party, to own personal joy that we and others felt from expressing those words to our good friend.
Also when we looked at our own lives and realized that the keepsakes we treasured were the ones with great personal significance – the birthday cards with really thoughtful words inscribed (as opposed to just the “have a great day” sentiment), or the handmade scrapbook that Fiona’s 16 year-old Scottish friends made her before she and her family immigrated to Canada. These were things that we would read and re-read, and each time be filled with the same feeling of warmth and love we experienced when it was first given to us.
This experience and the thinking it triggered stuck with us, and we realized quite soon after that we wanted to turn this into something that anyone could create for anyone else.